«WPDistillery kickstarts your WordPress installation on Scotch Box and gets you started in less than 5 minutes»

$ vagrant up
$ creating Scotch Box 3.5...
$ » Scotch Box installed successfully
$ downloading WordPress 4.9.5 (en_GB)...
$ » WordPress installed successfully
$ applying settings...
$ » configured timezone, permalink-structure and image-sizes
$ downloading YourTheme...
$ » YourTheme has been installed and activated
$ downloading plugins based on your config...
$ » installed and activated 7 plugins
$ » WPDistillery setup finished
$ vagrant up
$ installing Scotch Box 3.5
$ installing WordPress 4.9.5
$ applying WP-Settings
$ downloading YourTheme
$ adding plugins
$ » WPDistillery finished

Ready in no time

All you have to do is clone the repo, customize the configuration file to your needs, and ‚vagrant up‘. WPDistillery will do the rest.

Made for you

All your settings (language, plugins, Image-sizes starter theme etc.) are stored in your configuration file that you can re-use anytime.

Designed for Scotch Box

WPDistillery is designed especially for Scotch Box. No additional requirements. If you’re using Scotch Box, you’re good to go.

100% Free

WPDistillery is released under the MIT License and therefore completely free.


My name is Flurin Dürst, I’m a Full Stack Developer living in Bern, Switzerland. Feel free to contact me via email or twitter.


I’m putting a lot of time into maintaining WPDistillery, so please consider donating or sharing. Thank you!

Need help?

If you need any help using WPDistillery of have a question. Please open an issue at the Github Repository so everyone can profit.


WPDistillery is an open-source project. Any kind of contribution is highly appreciated. Let me know if you have any question about it.