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What is WPDistillery?

WPDistillery kickstarts your WordPress installation on Scotch Box and gives you a re-usable configuration file that you can use on your future WordPress projects. It is actively maintained and gets you startet in less than 5 minutes.

The first steps when creating a new WordPress project are almost always the same:

  • Download WordPress
  • Setup the database
  • Download and install a starter theme
  • Add your favorite plugins
  • Configure your preferred options
  • So on, etc.

WPDistillery does all this for you and even more. For example, there’s a cleanup option that remove the default themes, posts, comments, and Readme files.
All your settings (preferred language, plugin list, core language, starter theme, user configuration, WP-settings etc.) are stored in a simple configuration file which determinates how WPDistillery will be installing and configuring WordPress for you.

It will take you no longer than five minutes to do all of this. And with your very own configuration file, you can re-use your settings for your future projects as well.
WPDistillery is a time saver! And it’s is designed especially for Scotch Box. So there won’t be any additional requirements. If you’re using Scotch Box as your VM you’re good to go!

To get started, check out the Documentation or head over to the Github Repository.



WPDistillery is released under the MIT License and therefore completely free. I’m putting a lot of time into maintaining and improving WPDistillery, so please consider donating, especially if you’re using WPDistillery commercially. Thank you!


My name is Flurin Dürst, I’m a Full Stack Developer living in Bern, Switzerland. Feel free to contact me via emailtwitter oder github. For further information visit

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