![Screenshot]( **Version 2.0.2** (27.04.2017) With the 2.0 update, the setup process is now much easier. All you need to do after customizing your config file is `vagrant up`. That's it! With that single command, WPDistillery will now ssh to the VM, update WP-CLI, install and configure everything. It also comes with an optional auto-update function and integrated support for Windows. Check out the [Changelog]( for a complete list of changes. For additional information, visit the [Official WPDistillery Website]( The Documentation on is synced with the Github repository files. ## What is WPDistillery? WP Distillery does all the work for you when setting up a new WordPress project with [Scotch Box]( Simply add your preferred theme, plugins, options etc. into `config.yml` and you're good to go. With WPDistillery it won't take longer than 5 minutes until you can start working on your new WordPress project. One simple command will: - install Scotch Box - install/update requirements on the local webserver - download/install/configure WordPress - set WordPress options - install/activate your favorite WordPress theme (default [WPSeed]( - install/activate the plugins you defined in the config - clean WordPress defaults (contents, plugins, themes, unused files) You're able to adjust which of the above tasks will be executed. Simply set the desired tasks to true/false in the "Setup Options" section at the bottom of `config.yml` Now you can use your `config.yml` as a template for every new project and save a lot of time clicking, dragging, editing and configuring. ## Demo [![WPDistillery Setup Video](]( [Screenshot]( (German UI) ## Dependencies - [ScotchBox]( (using [Vagrant]( & [Virtualbox]( - [Vagrant Hostsupdater]( (`vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater`) ## Setup To setup a new project running Scotch Box and WordPress, simply follow these steps: 1. Run the following command inside your project root to clone both Scotch Box and WPDistillery and move them to the right place: ``` git clone && mv WPDistillery/Vagrantfile Vagrantfile && mv WPDistillery/wpdistillery wpdistillery2 && rm -rf WPDistillery && mv wpdistillery2 wpdistillery ``` 2. customize `wpdistillery/config.yml` (see [configuration file documentation]( 3. in `Vagrantfile` add your local domain at `config.vm.hostname` (This should be the same as `wpsettings:url:` in `config.yml`) 4. Run `vagrant up` inside your project root Done! You can now access your project at the domain defined in step 3. (or at ## Additional Information ### Auto Update WordPress and Plugins If you want to automatically update WordPress and all Plugins on every `vagrant up` you can remove the comment character at line 26 inside the Vagrantfile. ### Windows Support Using Windows? No Problem! WPDistillery will detect if you're using Windows and if so, automatically convert all files using dos2unix. ### Vagrant commands * `vagrant up` will start the machine. The first ever `vagrant up` in your project will also install Scotch Box and execute provisioning * `vagrant provision` will execute provisioning. This is where WPDistillery runs its core function which is installing and configuring WordPress according to `config.yml`. Before that, it will also update WP-CLI and set the upload size to 64MB. Normally `vagrant provision` should not be executed manually but can be used to re-run the WPDistillery setup in case you want to re-install WordPress. * `vagrant reload` will restart vagrant. This is required for changes made in the Vagrantfile to take effect. * `vagrant halt` will shut down the running machine. * More informations can be found at []( ## About * Author: Flurin Dürst ([Website](, [Mail](, [Twitter]( * Contributors: * [@ShaneShipston]( * [@drawcard]( ### Contribution * Fork it * Create your feature branch * Commit your changes * Push to the branch * Create new Pull Request Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need any advice. ### License WPDistillery is released under the MIT Public License. Note: The "About" section in `` and the author (`@author`) notice in the file-headers shall not be edited or deleted without permission. For Details see [License]( Thank you. If you find WPDistillery useful, consider [supporting](
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