«I’m having trouble using WPDistillery, where can I get help?»

Please create an issue in the Github Repository. Myself or the community will be pleased to help you.

«Can I use WPDistillery for free if I use it commercially?»

Absolutely! WPDistillery is free for personal and/or commercial use under the MIT License. Altough, please consider donating if you’re using it commercially.

«I have an Idea on how to improve WPDistillery»

That’s great! You can clone the repository and add a pull request or we can talk about your ideas. Just send me an email or message me on twitter.

«Is WPDistillery actively maintained?»

It is! As you can see in the Changelog I’m providing updates regularly. I strive to keep everything clean and bug-free all the time, still there can be bugs and issues from time to time.

«Can I use WPDistillery without using ScotchBox?»

WP Distillery is designed for Scotch Box. Since Version 1.3.1 you can edit the WordPress root folder so you should be able to run it with any other vagrantbox or webhost. You might want to change some paths in the setup file though.

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